Blackwater Canyon Map

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Blackwater Canyon Map

Blackwater Canyon Map (v18.10.17) for Spin Tires: MudRunner game.

Info about the mod:
A great addition added to the game Spintires MudRunner is Blackwater Canyon Map for v18.10.17 game version, which can be downloaded for free and without registration. You can also see other fashion from the category maps for Spintires or go to the main section Spintires games.
The first user card that is converted from Spintires to Spintires: MudRunner!

On the map:
3 sawmills;
2 loading points;
9 points of reconnaissance;
3 garages (2 are closed);
3 refueling;
4 cars at the start (3 replaceable);
8 locations of random spawn machines.

Move the folders billboards, classes, levels, meshes and textures to the archive in the root folder of the game or in the Media folder

Tested on game version v18.10.17

Credits: Blackwater_CA, AlexNez
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56 Responses

  1. scott laperriere says:

    I love this map so much , If there is anyone that can get my Map Dirt Time converted & models it would be very nice. I would do a few things to update & finish some things. Really need help or it wont get done & I got map started & want to use it in new game..? help anyone email thanks

  2. Shuffy says:

    this does not work with current version of mudrunner on steam please check the version

  3. Rufus Johns, says:

    Great map ! Glad that there are a few already up, I am the worst at unlocking things. The dann cloaks drive me nuts. Anyway great map, really excited to see what all the modders come up with..

  4. Weezy says:

    i wanted to play the Blackwater Canyon Map in Multiplayer. But after i put the whole files in the right place and started the Game i cannot play Multiplayer anymore, only Singleplayer.
    It says the game files differ from the original state so it doesn’t allow me to play the Multiplayer anymore.
    Is there a possible way to play the Mod Maps in Multiplayer?

    • calvin says:

      take the Blackwater Canyon Map out of the game then start the game, while the game is running put the map back into the game and then go to multiplayer. sometimes this works if not go to the multiplayer screen before you put the map back and see if it will let you play then.

  5. Coffee says:

    Map is not working with Multiplayer, and causes an error where you can not play on multiplayer. Install at own risk until they fix it.

  6. znoop says:

    just look the link, it”s work 😉

  7. Avery Bracher says:

    Not working in multiplayer

  8. Daniel Beard says:

    What evil bastard made this map? It is vicious and incredible. Amazing work.

  9. NeX2PC says:

    Is there a better map?
    Probably the best I’ve tried, big and often surprising, you have to stay focused at every corner. I would have liked a little more freedom in the layout. Good work and thank you very much!

  10. jimmy says:

    i love this map in old spintires and right now this is my favorite map in mudrunner i do like hauling logs but i love 4wheelin this is a great map thx for the great work

  11. Blackwater says:

    glad all of you enjoyed this map, I had a fun time creating it. Thank you and Enjoy!!!

  12. Muditha Gunarathna says:

    Wow…. wonderful map…. huge area to be discovered… to be careful in every step…. better planning to be done…. thanks Blackwater… waiting for more fantastic maps….

  13. p24hrsmith says:

    THIS is the standard of map that should have been in the game as it is one badass challenge of a map. The maps and challenges in the game to be honest didn’t give me that much of a problem and never had to recover anything or rolled anything but this map I have rolled off so many times (HINT don’t try pulling a trailer or towing anything cuz your going down for sure) my winching skills have been tested to the max lol. I have stuck to the default trucks as I feel changing to some mega mod truck to make it easier is cheating. Having said that I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever complete it after hours of play I still haven’t even made it to the first garage yet let alone doing a log run and I think I know how that will go ……. over the side a lot lol….. Thank you Blackwater

  14. Daltonegra says:

    When will it be possible to play this map again on a current MR version?

  15. Tyler Rouis says:

    This mod doesnt work for version ver.17/11/07 would be great if it was updated

  16. fletcher says:

    omg, is there another map like this? incredible work. Blackwater, have you made more maps? if so where.

  17. Rando says:

    It won’t work. I was playing it yesterday, it crashed a couple times. Now it says file is broken or is out of date. Any help please? I was loving this map

  18. 1968viper says:

    i play it all the time in multiplayer using jsgme the new one out that u guys can get on line and it is the same way u talk about start game hit alt esc and then start jsgme thats mod enabler and ptick mods u want to use and click on game and start mulriplayer and there is the mods u put in (thats how it works with all maps with more then level files. p.s. got to add level_ in file name and in level folders add the same thing in thos two files. and some times u have to add a file call media and add those file to it. thats how i got mine to work on trucks and maps……..

  19. fuuu says:

    can you suggest me other map that can pose a similar level of challenge?
    there are many nice map out there but they are boring to play…. i am looking for a real challenge like this one

  20. CJinTX says:

    I’m having the same problem as Rando, file broken or out of date….

  21. R says:

    can you suggest me other map that can pose a similar level of challenge?
    there are many nice map out there but they are boring to play…. i am looking for a real challenge like this one

  22. Sam says:

    I love this map so much but I haven’t been able to play it for much more than 1 hour before the game crashes. I’ve tried 4-5 times, and the last time I uninstalled the game, deleted all saves and data, reinstalled and only installed this mod. After about an hour I thought things were going to work out but the game crashed again.
    I really wish I could play on this map but something seems out of date, maybe something to do with the recent game update.

  23. ayeaye says:

    Installed this map yesterday or two days ago and my game is running without any issues, been playing maybe 10 hours on this map without problems (other than it’s challenging as hell!)

  24. R says:

    “can you suggest me other map that can pose a similar level of challenge?
    there are many nice map out there but they are boring to play…. i am looking for a real challenge like this one

  25. R says:

    goldenass THX

    Thank you for the name of the difficult map
    I have two points to the importance of a difficult map
    mud is a cliché
    water is a face
    Does anyone know something technically difficult gurski
    I will play for the map thank you

  26. radu says:

    I don`t like, is ridiculously heavy on easy mode.
    4-watchpoint and only 1 garage unlock in 9 hours?

    I lost 4 time the load in 1 truck.

  27. mehran says:

    Maps 3.3.16 to be mudrunner converted?

  28. mehran says:

    Has anyone changed the map “Level_takengon” to me mudrunner???? 🙂

  29. Matt says:

    Hey is it possible you could make the mud not so thick especially around the log station closest to the first garage, it is impossible to get anywhere. I don’t think mud is this thick IRL.

  30. Classy_C says:

    Can this map be up dated to the newer version of the the game

  31. Classy_C says:

    the version is on v18/01/29b and the map now is on v18.10.17 if it could be updated that would be great f

  32. Afmu says:

    Best map I had ever played in this game. Challenging and very enjoying map. It has everything: mud, water, cliffs, difficult roads,…
    I finally complete this map on Extreme with 2 stars (B-131) in more than 18 hours. Excellent work and thanks for creating and sharing it.

  33. Whadup says:

    Holy moly, at first I was like this is ridiculous and hard map but now I’ve played this couple of hours and it’s dope!
    Been playing this with “Kamaz-63501” and this truck is too big for some roads but I’ve somehow managed to pass hard spots lol but the bigger the truck the more fun it is.
    Very good work!

  34. Hinjima says:

    Hey! I love this map so much, I would love to play this one multiplayer with my friend. is there a chance you can add this to the new steam workshop map mod now that its available on steam? Thanks:)

  35. Joans says:

    Got no trucks availible to choose when starting this map? It says in red ; “Choose your trucks” but there are simply no defaults trucks to pick. What am I doing wrong?

  36. Gaper says:

    Anyone has a way to conntact Mr Blackwater_CA (oryginal author). I would like to ask him if it would be possible to convert this glorious mat to steam workshop? Or at least to give permision to someone elso to do it.

  37. Klaus says:

    Not working for me. I must choose a starting vehicle to be able to start the map but there is no way to chose one. Uninstalled again..

  38. vishal says:

    Not working for me. I must choose a starting vehicle to be able to start the map but there is no way to chose one. Uninstalled again
    new maps has not vehicle slots

    • S says:

      I am obviously 2 years late on discussion! But enyway just downloaded the map but.

      I’m having the same problem! There are no Vehicles to choose at all! Is there a download problem or something????

      • Zeke308 says:

        Yes it doesn’t work in the newer versions.

        I found a map on this site called Blackwater Canyon map v2. It works.

        The design seems on par with the developer maps, so I’m assuming it’s the same map as the one that no longer works.

        However, as I just began it, it’s one long winding extremely narrow path that induces your truck to fall in. Not sure I like it. It’s artificial difficulty because nobody would take a truck on such a suicidal path. Of course, some people will gush over it because “muh stupid-hard.”

        • Seph says:

          Were you able to get logs? I’ve unlocked all the checkpoints, sitting in front of a log kiosk with no option to get logs from it.

  39. noc says:

    there is not any log station or kiosk in the map ?? I cant see ?? I opened all the map there is 3 lumber mills but no log station. where can I load the logs ??

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