Spintires: MudRunner – The Valley DLC

Spintires: MudRunner – The Valley DLC

If you already know every path of your Spintires: MudRunner, it’s about time to bring something new to the game. You wonder how? Spintires: MudRunner The Valley is the right answer. With this amazing upgrade you will get a desired new edition of your favorite game. MudRunner The Valley will help you to expand the existing game version and add unseen features.

Spintires MudRunner – The Valley DLC (5)
Spintires MudRunner – The Valley DLC (4)
Spintires MudRunner – The Valley DLC (3)
Spintires MudRunner – The Valley DLC (2)
Spintires MudRunner – The Valley DLC (1)

The Valley DLC includes three brand new vehicles and one amazing vast forest map. These additions create a perfect combo: newly introduced trucks will make the scavenging of wood paths as thrilling as never before. Renew with MudRunner The Valley DLC and reveal the power behind these super trucks. Why to refuse new opportunities and challenges, if they are so easily accessible? By clicking on Spintires: MudRunner The Valley download you will begin a new journey and improve your skills. Nevertheless, it’s all about excitement and full loads of fun, so don’t miss your chance to experience all that. The Valley release date dates back to the mid of February this year, so you should better get practicing to reach the desired level. One thing is clear: there is no excuse not to try this new version and challenge yourself right now.

Check out these eight new add-ons below and explore unseen features, such as repair kits, trailers and many more.

This pack includes:

  • The Valley map
  • A-969 (4×4 scout vehicle)
  • C-6317 (Medium truck)
  • E-7429 (8-wheel cab over truck)
  • C-6317 Spare wheel
  • A-969 Spare wheel
  • A-969 Fuel canisters
  • A-969 Garage parts
  • A-969 Utility attachment
  • E-7429 Advanced trailer hitch
  • E-7429 Repair kit
  • E-7429 (compatible with E-7310 from base game) Garage semi-trailer
  • Medium log trailer (compatible with some of base game trucks)
  • Medium log trailer’s logs load

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