Spintires: MudRunner – How to load logs?

Spintires: MudRunner – Mobile Log Station

Title says it all. Just fill up your truck with logs without loading up, and use these logs to load up another truck. You can use any logs, for instance load up long logs onto a Cart with crane, and use these logs on another truck with the correct attachments:

Spintires: MudRunner – Multi-Loading

Hands down the most powerful trick in the book. You can actually load up a truck, then stack up additional logs on top of that load. For instance, I have short logs load here, worth 3 points, and on top of that a long logs load worth 6 points. And this is just one way, you can make some really creative combinations. I have made a much more in-depth guide about this trick specifically in original Spintires.

Spintires: MudRunner – Fast Loading / K-700 Loading Tip

The thing that really speeds up the loading here is the simple fact that you can actually spawn multiple logs by hitting the spawn button multiple times:

Works with all logs, the maximum amount you can spawn is the amount of logs required to make a single load:

Saves you from having to do this multiple times…

Works well with the crane as well:

As for loading with the K-700… well the camera is utter let’s be honest. In the night, you can’t see And loading long logs is a nightmare, since they just roll over all over the place. The only real tip I can give here, is to raise the arms as high as they go, and rotate it all the way home. When unloading, first rotate it towards the truck and release the grab, so they should fall in. Use the articulated steering to slightly steer the logs in place if they are a little off.

Super Light Logs

Just load the bloody things up, and they basically weigh nothing. Crane grab should hold them in place.

We hope that our quick guide How to load logs on Spintires: MudRunner helped you to feel more comfortable while adding new mods to your game. We assure you – it is really worth trying all these new MudRunner mods. As you already know How to load logs on Spintires: MudRunner game, start browsing and try the best mods on our website.

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