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Professional Map v1.1

Friends, hello everyone. 2X2 map, requires SpinTiresMod.exe (Author: AlexNez) to complete.

The plot of this map is simple and uncomplicated: find a semi-trailer with fuel and a repair belt, bring the car with garage parts to life, open the garage and start delivering goods. It is from this moment that the most interesting things begin.

There are three types of cargo on the map:
– Container;
– Fuel tanks (the semi-trailer itself is the cargo);
– Everyone is familiar with the forest.

They need to be loaded onto a container ship (a large container 4 points, one small container 2 loading points) and click “load” like logs

(point at the green dot on the container) and deliver them to acceptance (different containers accept acceptance). Upon arrival at the unloading point, throw the cargo off the container ship and place it at the receiving point as in the screenshot, sit in the receiving point, start, turn on the functions (V key) and press dive on the green dot, unload the cargo at the point.

Fuel tank:
Transported on KamAZ 54115 6×6. To attach a tank, you need to install a beacon, moldings, fenders, fairing, and, of course, a saddle on the car in the garage. Then you need to deliver the tanks to the fuel stations (points 1;6;7), here it’s easier, as with logs: we go to the location of the unloading point and click on the “unload” sign that appears. These points can be covered with containers and timber, but according to logic and, of course, the plot, tanks need to be delivered to these points.

We hitch up the timber truck, go to the logging site, throw on 10 long logs, press “load” (be careful when loading, the semi-trailer may come unhooked). We deliver to the sawmills, drop the load, reload it to the sawmill as in the screenshot, sit in the sawmill and click “load”, feel for the unloading sign somewhere inside the sawmill, unload to the point.

On the map:
– 1 car at the start (with a hitch);
– 1 garage (closed, 8 garage points placed on the map);
– 3 fuel stations (two do not work);
– 7 unloading points;
– 8 reconnaissance points.

Thanks to all the authors whose mods and models were used on this map.

Version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21):
– Minor fixes.

Credits: Serj_
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