TWM’s Oilfield Skids Pack v1.0

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TWM’s Oilfield Skids Pack v1.0

The goal of this addon was to add special “skids” that are commonly used in oilfields to move around equipment and supplies between various locations via the use of specialized “bed” trucks much like the Western Star 6900XD Twinsteer that is in the game currently. This addon is not by any means “Meta” or more efficient than just loading a flatbed addon up and driving it to the location needed. This mod is more intended for users who want a bit more “realism” or just a different way to transport and stage cargo than normal. The mod utilizes a special “Winch” mechanism that I created that is by all means is just a winch point that moves forwards and backwards.

– Added Realism
– Quick changing of cargo between suitable trucks with proper equipment
– Roleplaying aspect
– Ability to transport more cargo than normal with smaller trucks
– Ability to keep cargo palletized when staging
– Future ability to create mobile bases of operation with fuel tanks, repair depots, etc mounted on skids

– Not “Meta” or more efficient
– Need specially equipped trucks to use

How do I use these?

– Download/Subscribe to a truck mod/tweak with support for Oilfield Skids
– Drive to trailer store and select skid. Skid will attach to normal trailer attachment point on the truck (Not saddle)
– Hit the “Detach Trailer” button and let the skid settle on the ground
– Move winch point to the rear of the oilfield bed and attach winch to bottom-most winch point (lifting point) at the front of the skid
– Use normal winch controls to pull skid’s front level or just below level with the bed’s rear tail roller
– Use mod’s winch controls to pull skid up and onto the oilfield bed or suspend it half-way on the roller if you are moving skids short distances
– Pack skid if available, if skid is too long for bed it might not pack. If this is the case reattach winch to skid winch point and pull winch in as far as possible

Offloading (Roll off):
– Line up truck with area you want to offload
– Detach and Unpack skid from bed of truck
– Pull truck forward enough distance that skid has room to offload
– Reverse truck and quickly slam on the brakes to let skid roll off back of tuck (repeat as needed to offload)
– Connect skid to truck via “Attach Trailer” button
– Unload cargo as per usual and load empty skid back onto truck

Offloading (Winch off):
– Line up truck with area you want to offload
– Detach and Unpack skid from bed of truck
– Attach mod winch point to front winch point on skid taking into consideration the additional length to reach the ground
– Use mod winch controls to force skid backwards and off the truck.
– Detach winch and reconnect to skid via “Attach Trailer” button
– Unload cargo as per usual and load empty skid back onto truck

I will be releasing several trucks in the coming months that will have native support for these skids as well as several more skid variants in the future including large fuel tanks, repair depots, generators, etc.

Credits: TWMModding
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